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Light Crane System

Podemcrane together with Erikkila (Finland) offer to the Bulgarian market light crane systems. Erikkila is a world’s leader in manufacturing main components for light crane systems with small capacities. Light crane system Prosystem® is a complete crane solution for industrial environments.


  • Productivity increase when working with loads up to 2000kg
  • Rapid and cost-efficient assembly and disassembly
  • Easy realization of a production line

Prosystem® can be equipped with different kinds of hoists. Most frequently used with light constructions is the standard chain hoist.

Cost-efficient construction
Prosystem® is based on three types optimized steel profiles: 125, 200 and 260. The better capacity ratio ensures greater suspension distances. This leads to true savings due to less steel in the bearing construction, number of supporting components and assembly time.

Standard profiles are from 1 to 8m.

Quality and optimization of the working process is also achieved because of the patented trolley which is almost inaudible and has travelling resistance only 1% of the load. Trace can be realized with straight or curved profiles, designed for easy assembly with standard joints for connection and suspension. Configuration can be easily changed to be adapted in case of change in conditions.


  • with straight beams – 1500kg
  • with curves – up to 1250kg

Curves (15°, 30° and 45°) can be freely connected with one another through connecting joints. They are mounted to roof constructions with standard suspensions.

You can find more information in our catalogue “Light Crane Systems, Jib Cranes, Electric Chain Hoists”.

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